Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Richest Man in Canada

Canada is known as rich and develop country in the world and ideal place for business. There are total 75 Richest man in Canada starting from David Thomson the wealthiest person in Canada. List of Canadian Billionaires are below:

1. David Thomson (1st Richest Man in Canada)

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Wealth: $23Billion
Source of Income: Media
Citizenship: Canada
Age: 56
Website: Thomson Reuters

David Thomson have a honor to be 1st Richest man in Canada. He was born in Toronto on 12th of June 1957 in the house of Kenneth Thomson, a famous Canadian businessman. He win a degree of Master of Arts (MA) from the University of Cambridge. David Thomson is the chairman of "Thomson Corporation" founded by Roy Thomson in 1934. Thomson Corporation has the large business of Publishing Books and Newspapers in Canada. Thomson Corporation has its subsidiary companies which is working in the field of health, lega, finance and science. Thomson Corporation has over 40 000 employees in its corporation. The headquarter of Thomson group located in Connecticut, United States. David Thomson also the chairman of Thomson Reuters, the largest media group in Canada. David Thomson's main source of income is Media, and through this business he became the first Canadian Billionaire. 

2. Galen Weston

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Wealth: $9Billion
Source of Income: food, retail
Citizenship: Canada
Age: 73
Website: Weston Group

Galen Weston ranked 2nd in the list of Richest man in Canada. He was born in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom on 29th of October 1940 in the house of Garfield Weston, a Canadian businessman. He study in the field of Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario. Galen Weston is the chair person of George Weston Limited founded by his grandfather in 1882. George Weston Limited is the largest food making and supplying company in Canada. The quantity of employees in George Weston Limited are about 150000. The headquarter of George Weston Limited located in Ontario, Canada. George Weston Limited also has its subsidiary companies like Loblaw Companies Limited, Ready Bake, WeightWatchers and Gadoua. Galen Weston is the owner of George Weston Limited with 65% shares.

3. James and Arthur Irving

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Wealth: $7.8Billion
Source of Income: Oil
Citizenship: Canada
Age: 85 & 83
Website: Irving Group

James and Arthur Irving is the Richest brothers in Canada. James Irving is the chairman of J.D. Irving Corporation which is working in the field of food, agriculture, paper, transport and meal. J.D. Irving Corporation has 16000 employees in its company. The headquarter of J.D. Irving Corporation located in Bouctouche, Canada. 2nd brother Arthur Irving is the chair person of Irving Oil Limited which is expert in oil seeking and supplying build by his father in 1924. The headquarter of Irving Oil Limited located in Saint John. Arthur is also the owner of many retail stores in Canada.

4. Edward Rogers III

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Wealth: $7.6Billion
Source of Income: Telecommunications
Citizenship: Canada
Age: 64
Website: Rogers Corporation

Edward Rogers III is the 4th Canadian Billionaire. He was born in Torronto on 22nd June 1969 in the house of Samuel Rogers. He took a degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA) from the University of Western Ontario in 1990. Then he take a charge of "Rogers Communications" as a Officiator chairman. Rogers Communications by his father Samuel Rogers in 1925 starting as Rogers Vacuum Tube Corporation. Rogers Communications is a largest media corporation in Canada which is serving in cable, internet and wireless. Edward Rogers III have a chair person chip of many corporations like Rogers Bank, Blue Jays, CableLabs, Finance Committee and Executive Committee.

5. Jim Pattison

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Wealth: $7.3Billion
Source of Income: finance, media
Citizenship: Canada
Age: 85
Website: The Jim Pattison Group

Jim Pattison ranked 5th in the list of Richest man in Canada. He was born in Saskatoon on 1st of October 1928. He study about business in the University of British Columbia. In 1961, he found a group naming "Jim Pattison Group" which is working in different fields like media, automobiles, magazines, grocery, entertainment and finance. In Jim Pattison Group, there are over 35000 employees. The headquarter of Jim Pattison Group located in Vancouver. The per year sale of Jim Pattison Group are above 8 Billions. The making of Jim Pattison Group is the right decision for Jim Pattison, and through this decision he listed in Canadian Billionaires.


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