Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Most Expensive Food in the World

Have you ever eat most expensive food? may be your answer is no. But i m sharing an interesting article that indicates towards most expensive food in the world. The list of these foods are below:

1. Beluga Caviar

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Beluga Caviar has the honour to be the most expensive food in the world and this is also known as fish eggs. Beluga Caviar found in salt lake and in black sea. The market rate of Beluga Caviar is $8000 to $$11000 per kg. The colours for Beluga Caviar is purple, black and dark green. This dish is very popular in European countries and hotels.

2. Saffron 

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Saffron is mostly used to colouring the foods. Saffron is a Greece based food material which is cultivated after 1950 and derived from Crocus sativus flower and dried through machines. Saffron is dark orange in colour and bitter by taste. Saffron are available at different prices in different countries but the average price are $8000 per kg. 

3. Domenico Pizza 007

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Domenico Pizza 007 are italian based dish cooked by italian chef Mr. Crolla in 2006. The size of Domenico Pizza is 13inch and this 13inch pizza are made with smoked salmon, vintage balsamic vinegar, venison medallions, tomato sauce and cognac. Finally, the price for Domenico Pizza 007 is 5000 American dollars. 


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