Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Richest Countries in the World

Looking for Richest countries in the world? and how they are rich? Whats source of wealth of these countries economy or technology? So we are providing you a list of richest countries with their population, GDP and capital. The list of Richest countries are below:

1. Qatar

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Qatar is the first in the list of Richest countries in the world. The independence day of Qatar is 18 December and on this date Qatar appeared on the map of the World and its capital is Doha. The GDP of Qatar is $102,200. From the South side, Qatar's border touched with Saudi Arabia. The economy Qatar is based on gas and oil and Qatar supplied 25 billion barrels on daily basis all over the world. Qatar also acquire petroleum in large quantity. Qatar import cotton, sugar, coffee, tin, rice and ghee and export fabric, silver and gold. Its population is 2.1 million and total GDP of country is $182.5 billion.

2. Luxembourg

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Luxembourg fixed on 2nd spot in the list of Richest countries in the world. Luxembourg appeared on the map of the world on 15th of June 1815. The capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg City. The GDP of Luxembourg about $80,000. The reason of Luxembourg progress is industries like steel, iron and textile mills. The total of population of Luxembourg based on 6 lac peoples and the total GDP of this country is $130.1 billion.

3. Singapore

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Singapore ranked 3rd in the list or Richest countries in the world. Singapore appeared on the map of the world on 31th of August 1963. The capital of Singapore is "Singapore" and GDP is $62 000. Singapore is totally based on Islands. Singapore has best impression around the World for their systems like education, healcare system and economy. There are no one jobless in Singapore. The total population of this country around 5.4 million peoples. 

4. Norway

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Norway known as the Kingdom of Norway located in West. The total area of Norway approximately 384,895 square kilometres and the Norwegian borders touched with Russia, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The total population of Norway contains 52,36,246 peoples and the GDP is $55,782. The capital of Norway is Oslo. The Norwegian economy is based on petroleum, natural gas and oil and Norway also the largest petroleum producer in Middle East. Norway also has the title of best democracy in the world.

5. Brunei

<img src="" alt="Richest Countries in the World" />

Brunei is the last in the list of Richest countries in the world and this state is located in Southeast Asia. The total population of Brunei is 5 lacs and the capital is Bandar Seri Begawan. The GDP is $51,980. The economy of Brunei is based on oil and gas also the petroleum. Brunei imports agricultural commodities, automobiles, cotton and sugar and Brunei is the 9th biggest oil producer in the world. The sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah is the Billionaire and every second 90 euros add in his wealth without doing anything or any business. 


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