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Richest Man in Australia

In this article i share about Richest Man in Australia. There are total 50 Billionaires in Australia starting from Georgina Rinehart to Clive Palmer with 0.55 Billion dollars. Top Australion Billionaire list are start below:

1. Georgina Rinehart (Richest Woman in Australia)

Wealth: $17.7Billion
Source of Income: Mining
Citizenship: Australia
Age: 60
Website: Official site

Gina Rinehart has the title of Richest woman in Australia and also the fourth billionaire female on Earth. She was born in Western Australia on 9 Feb 1954 in the house of Lang Hancock. She got a degree of Economics from University of Sydney. Her father Lang Hancock is the founder of Hancock Prospecting corporation the big mining corporation in Australia. In 1992, Lang Hancock got died and after her father death Gina take a charge of Hancock Prospecting Corporation as a chair person. The headquarter of Hancock Prospecting Corporation located in Perth, Western Australia. The chair person ship of Hancock Prospecting make her the wealthiest Australian woman. Gina also have the shares in Asutralian media group.

2. Anthony Pratt (1st Richest Man in Australia)

Wealth: $7Billion
Source of Income: Manufacture
Citizenship: Australia
Age: 54
Website: Visy Industries Limited

Anthony Pratt is the first Richest man in Australia. He was born in Austrlia on 1960. He got a degree of Bachelor of Economics (BE) from Monash University. His father Richard Pratt is the founder of Visy Industries buil in 1948. Visy is an biggest paper company and it has branches in other countries. His father Richard died in 2009, after his father death, Anthony assumed liability in Visy as a Chairman. Visy Corporation has more than 9000 employees in Australia. 

3. James Packer

Wealth: $6.6Billion
Source of Income: Casino, Gambling
Citizenship: Australia
Age: 46
Website: Crown Resorts

James Packer known as the "Big Gambler" in Australia. He was born in Sydney on 8 September in 1967 in the house of casino businessman Kerry Packer. He got HSC degree from Cranbrook School. He is the chairman of Crown Corporation the largest entertainment company in Australia. James is also the owner of Crown Melbourne Entertainment Complex and Crown Perth Entertainment Complex. James also have 50% shares in Aspinalls, the large casino in London build by John Aspinall in 1960. Other way, his have 50% shares in "Betfair" an online betting exchange group based in West London made by Andrew Black in 2000. The main income source of James is Casino, through the casino business, he counted in the list of wealthiest Australian mans.

4. Ivan Glasenberg

Wealth: $6.3Billion
Source of Income: Comodities
Citizenship: Australia
Age: 57
Website: Glencore plc

Ivan Glasenberg is fix on 4th spot in list of Australian Billionaires. He was born in South Africa on January 1957. He got a degree of Bachelor of Accountancy from University of the Witwatersrand and also earn a degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Southern California. Ivan Glasenberg is the Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) of Glencore plc which is the biggest mining and commodity corporation. Glencore plc produce commodities in all around the world. Glencore was setup by Marc Rich in 1974. The headquarter of Glencore located in Switzerland. Ivan Glasenberg keep 18% share in Glencore.

5. Andrew Forrest

Wealth: $5Billion
Source of Income: Mining
Citizenship: Australia
Age: 52
Website: Fortescue Metals Group

Andrew Forrest ranked 5th in the list of Richest man in Australia. He was born in Perth on April 1961. He receive a degree of economics and politics from the University of Western Australia. He donated large amount in charity. Andrew Forrest is the chairman of Fortescue Metals Group, the big iron company in Australia founded in 2003. Fortescue Metals Group has over 2600 employee in Australia. The headquarter of Fortescue Metals Group located in East Perth. Chairmanship of Fortescue Metals Group make Andrew Forrest Australian Billionaire.


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