Saturday, 2 August 2014

Richest Actors in the World


Who is your favourite actor? have to ever think that your favourite actor may be also the richest actor in the world? don't be confused. In this article, i share about wealthiest actors with their net incomes below:

1. Jerry Seinfeld (Top in Richest Actors in the World)

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Wealth: 820million

Citizenship: United States

Jerry Seinfeld is the ever richest actor in the hollywood and in the world also after the evidence of Forbes magazine and other US magazines. He was born in New York on 29th of April 1954. He gain a degree of communication from University of New York. He joined hollywood industry in 1976 and best known for comedy characters. Jerry Seinfeld has millions fans in all over the world.

2. Shahrukh Khan

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Wealth: 600million

Citizenship: India

Shahrukh Khan is also known as the "King of Bollywood" and was born in New Delhi on 2nd November 1965 in the house of Meer Taj Mohammed Khan. He graduated from University of Delhi in Mass Communication in 1987. He joined bollywood in 1988 from first character in Dil Dariya. He worked more than 80 films and spending large amount in charity. He is also the member of UNESCO which is funding poor and needy peoples in all over the world specially under development countries.

3. Tom Cruise

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Wealth: 500million

Citizenship: United States

Tom Cruise fixed 3rd spot in the list of richest actors in the world and he is also known as the handsome and sexiest actor in hollywood. He was born in New York on 3rd of July 1962. He started their movies career in 1981 from movie Endless Love. He worked in many hit movies like The Outsider, Top gun, Color of Money, Risky Business, Far and Away, Born on the Fourth of July, Cocktail and Rain Man. His all movies makes him the wealtheist hollywood actor. He is also the great producer in hollywood industry.

4. Johnny Depp

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Wealth: 450million

Citizenship: United States

Johnny Depp is another successful actor in hollywood film industry and was born in Kentucky on 9th of June 1963. He joined hollywood in 1984 and rolled in 21 Jump Street. Depp worked in many movies like Sleepy Hollow, Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland and his upcoming movies is Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Alice in Wonderland 2 and Into the Woods. His all movies become hit and make Depp an famous and successful actor. His films make business in million of dollars. Depp also spend money in charity programs.

5. Tom Hanks

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Wealth: 400million

Citizenship: United States

Tom Hanks last in the list of richest actors in the world. He was born in California on 9th of July 1956. He got a degree of PhD from the University of Illinois. After completing his education, he decided to join hollywood and then start his career from the movie "He Knows You're Alone" in 1980. He worked in many popular movies like Da Vinci Code, Saving Mr. Banks, Forrest Gump, Big and You’ve Got Mail. Tom Hanks also gain more awards for his movie called Angels and Demons.


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