Monday, 11 August 2014

Richest Celebrities in the World

Looking for richest celebrities in the world? According to the Forbes magazine, the firt billionaire celebrity is Dannine Avara, who has a net worth of about 7 thousand million US dollars. Remember, our information is according to Forbes. List of wealthiest celebrities are below:

1. Dannine Avara (1st rank in Richest Celebrities in the World)

<img src="" alt="Richest Celebrities in the World" />

Wealth: $7Billion
Citizenship: United States

Dannine Avara is the 1st billionaire celebrity in America born in Houston in 1974 in the house of American business Dan Duncan. Her father is the chairman of Enterprise Products Corporation, which is working in the field of natural or compress gas and crude oil searching and supplying. Avars is an celebrity who did live shows and gain alot fame in America. In 2010, her father got died, Avara inherited 3 Billion US dollars from her father wealth. Avara also very interested in business and investment programs. She invest large amount in different companies which is working in the field of oil and gas. 

2. George Lucas

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Wealth: $5Billion
Citizenship: United States

George Lucas is an American actor and producer also known as the successful film maker in hollywood industry. He was born in California on 14th of May 1944. He got his B.A degree from the University of Southern California. He joined film industry in 1960 and earn more fame from his talent and through his acting abilities. In 1971, he based his own film production company called Lucasfilm where he earn big revenue year by year. Lucas win many awards like Academy Award in 1973, Golden Globe Award and Saturn Award in 1978, Hugo Award in 1980 and Empire Award in 2005. 

3. Steven Spielberg

<img src="" alt="Richest Celebrities in the World" />

Wealth: $3Billion
Citizenship: United States

Steven Spielberg fixed 3rd spot in the list of richest celebrities in the world born in Ohio 18th December 1946. Joined film industry in 1963 and do more hard work to sparkle his career. He worked in many successful movies like The Last Gun, Jaws, The Blues Brothers, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, An American Tail, Back to the Future Part II, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Eagle Eye and Men in Black 3. Spielberg also nominated for many awards and won. 


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