Friday, 30 May 2014

Richest Man in America

Health, Wealth and Fame is the gift of God. God check the people by giving these things. But we are talking about man wealth so in this article i share about richest man in america. There are total 400 american billionaires but we talks about few american richest man including their business, net worth and about their latest dealings. So some american billionaire list are below:

1. Bill Gates (Top in Richest man in America)

Wealth: $70Billion
Source of Income: Microsoft
Citizenship: United States of America
Age: 58
Website: Microsoft

Bill Gates has the honour of First Richest man in America. He was born in Washington , USA on 28 October 1955 in the house of William Henry Gates. In 1973, Bill Gates done graduation from Lakeside School. Bill Gates found Microsoft with the help of his friend Paul Allen in 1975. The headquarter of Microsoft located in Redmond, Washington. Bill Gates also the chair person of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He donate large amount in charity. Bill Gates is the chairman of Corbis Corporation an media licensing company. His successful business decision make him the American Billionaire.

2. Warren Buffett

Wealth: $54Billion
Source of Income: Berkshire Hathaway group
Citizenship: United States of America
Age: 83
Website: Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett known as "Business Magnate in America". He was born in Omaha, Nebraska on 30 August 1930 in the house of Howard Buffet. He gain a degree of Bachelor of Science (BS) from University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Warren Buffet is the Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) of Berkshire Hathaway the group of shareholder companies including Geico, Heinz, Dairy Queen, American Express, IBM and Coca Cola. The headquarter of Berkshire Hathaway located in Omaha. Berkshire Hathaway shares make him the 2nd American Billionaire.

3. Larry Ellison

Wealth: $51Billion
Source of Income: Oracle
Citizenship: United States of America
Age: 69
Website: Oracle Corporation

Larry Ellison ranked 3rd in the list of American Billionaire. He was born in New York , USA on 17 August 1944. He is the Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) of Oracle Corporation a computer technology field. Larry Ellison found Oracle in 1977 collaborate with Ed Oates, Bob Miner and Bruce Scott. The headquater of Oracle Corporation located in California. Oracle Corporation helps Larry Ellison to become richest man in America.

4. Charles And David Koch (Richest brother in America)

Wealth: $36Billion
Source of Income: Koch Industries
Citizenship: United States of America
Age: 78 & 74
Website: Koch Industries Limited

Charles and David Koch are two American billionaire brothers. Now first we talk about 1st brother that Charles Koch. He was born in Kansas, USA on 1St of November 1935. In 1960, he got a degree of Masters of Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Charles Koch is the Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) of Koch Industries. Koch Industries built in 1940 by his father Fred Chase Koch. Koch Industries have working branches in other 59 countries. Charles Koch is 45% shareholder in Koch Industries.

Lets discuss about 2nd brother David Koch. He ranked 4th in the list of Richest man in America. He was born on 3 May 1940 in the house of Fred Koch. He is the vice president of Koch Industries. He receive a Masters degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The headquarter of Koch Industries located in Kansas, USA. Koch industries have 55 000 employee in USA and over 20 000 employee in other branches in the world. 

5. Christy Walton

Wealth: $35.4Billion
Source of Income: Wal-Mart
Citizenship: United States of America
Age: 59
Website: Wal-Mart

Christy Walton is the Richest lady in America and also known as the "Female Billionaire" in the world. She was born in Jackson on 8 Feb 1949. Her husband John Thomas Walton died in 27 june 2005. Jhon is a shareholder in Wal-Mart. After his death, Christy inherited his shares on her name. Wal-Mart is an grocery retailer company made by Sam Walton in 1962. Wal-Mart has 2.1 million employee in its corporation. The headquarter of Wal-Mart is located in Arkansas, U.S.A.


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